Fifthplay features in new series Z-Smart Buildings


Want to stay ahead of the competition? Sustainability is key! Kanaal Z followed ten companies and organizations who use fifthplay’s Energy Management System. For them, saving energy has become a piece of cake.

Episode 4: epTechnieken

Renovations are an ideal opportunity to make an older building more sustainable and energy-efficient. EpTechnieken, a company specialized in electric installations, two years ago moved to a new facility in Oud-Turnhout, which had been thoroughly rebuilt. In addition, they chose to have a monitoring system installed.

Episode 3: Municipality of Beveren

Local authorities own extensive patrimonies, which are often a combination of historic buildings, older complexes and new constructions. As making patrimonies more energy efficient eventually yields considerable profits, the municipality of Beveren has made it a top priority.

Episode 2: Aquapolis

Not every SME has the means to purchase their own premises. A business center is the perfect solution, offering both shared workspace and services. Adjacent to to the Albert Canal in Schoten, an old factory was transformed into the Aquapolis business park where utilities are connected to smart meters.

Episode 1: Schoenen Torfs

For many companies, energy remains a huge cost. But a thoughtful approach can change all that fairly quickly. Shoe store chain Schoenen Torfs has been investing extensively in sustainable energy practices for several years now.

Energy management in smart buildings

Managing a building entails costs. There’s maintenance costs, energy consumption, facility costs, security costs, … New technologies, sensors and the IoT help optimize energy consumption, making buildings ‘smarter’. At the same time, digital technology also provides extra comfort for whoever uses the building.

Saving energy while living comfortably

Z-Smart Buildings, a ten-week documentary by Kanaal Z, focuses on the latest technologies to make buildings smarter. Smart thermostats, lighting, security, … not only make buildings more energy-efficient, but also offer residents and workers extra comfort. Even facility management can be done remotely.

Curious to have a look around those smart buildings? You can! Z-Smart Buildings airs every Thursday on Kanaal Z, starting February 23. Stay tuned!


Sustainability is high on JBC’s agenda

The JBC fashion chain currently operates around 140 stores, and achieved an annual turnover of 256 million euros in 2013. JBC place great importance on sustainability, and aims to further promote this in the long-term vision of the company.

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The municipality of Beveren estimates less than 2 years for its return on investment

The objectives of the project:

  • To measure the main consumption of electricity, gas and water (EGW)
  • To analyze readings of electricity, gas and water
  • To offer tools to more quickly detect and monitor fluctuations
  • To draw up an action plan for optimising energy consumption


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