Use cases: energy management for businesses

Total solution for monitoring and reporting on net-zero or EPF homes

Net-zero homes are gradually becoming the new standard. By 2021, all newly constructed buildings in the Netherlands will have to be (almost) energy self-sufficient.

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Sustainability is high on JBC’s agenda

The JBC fashion chain currently operates around 140 stores, and achieved an annual turnover of 256 million euros in 2013. JBC place great importance on sustainability, and aims to further promote this in the long-term vision of the company.

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The municipality of Beveren estimates less than 2 years for its return on investment

The objectives of the project:

  • To measure the main consumption of electricity, gas and water (EGW)
  • To analyze readings of electricity, gas and water
  • To offer tools to more quickly detect and monitor fluctuations
  • To draw up an action plan for optimising energy consumption


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Use Cases: Smart home solutions

Flow is a forward-moving company, and we can definitely relate to that. Today, they manage more than 100,000 electricity and gas connections in the UK.

By the end of 2017, Flow aims to reach 300,000 users with their boilers and energy supply. However, Flow wants to go even further. As part of ‘the connected home’ concept, they have partnered with fifthplay to develop and integrate smart devices.

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Use Cases: Smart Smart IOT technology for OEM

A smart solution for traditional electrical systems

Ideally, a smart electrical installation is something you invest in when you’re building a brand-new home. Or when you’re renovating a house from top to bottom. But what to do when you’re stuck with a traditional electrical system and have no plans for a full-blown renovation project?

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Itho Daalderop went in search of a partner for the development of the spIDer, which is destined to become a future-proof modular system for home applications.

“A project of this kind emphasises the synergy between fifthplay and hardware manufacturers when developing connected home solutions.”
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