A smart solution for traditional electrical systems

Ideally, a smart electrical installation is something you invest in when you’re building a brand-new home. Or when you’re renovating a house from top to bottom. But what to do when you’re stuck with a traditional electrical system and have no plans for a full-blown renovation project?

What does Niko do?

Founded in 1919, Niko is a family business that started out by supplying the Belgian market with switches and sockets. In 1965, Niko introduced its solutions to the rest of the world. Today, Niko is the market leader in Belgium and – as a part of Niko Group – the European reference par excellence for electrical solutions and services.

What can Niko’s solutions do for you?

Niko develops switches and socket outlets. But Niko also offers complete solutions. Niko Home Control is the ultimate smart electrical system for new homes and extensive renovation projects. Niko room upgrade is a solution that combines wireless adhesive switches and switch modules. Ideal for anyone who wants to move switches without drilling or chasing out walls. And, therefore, the perfect solution for small renovations.

Niko offers a smart solution for anyone without renovation plans

What if people could operate their switch modules anywhere via their smartphones? It would mean that Niko could give anyone with a traditional electrical system access to a smart solution. To achieve exactly that, Niko teamed up with fifthplay.

Then came Niko connected switch.


Fifthplay transformed Niko room upgrade into Niko connected switch. With the aid of a gateway, each switch module can now also be controlled over the Internet via smartphone.

Download the Niko Connected Switch brochure.


Do you want to help your clients operate your solutions over the Internet?

Fifthplay can also make your solutions smarter. Do you want your business to play a bigger part in IoT? Wondering what fifthplay can do for you? Contact us today. And who knows … Perhaps your customers will soon be downloading an app to use your products online as well.

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