Smart home solutions
for partners


Along with a higher degree of control, safety and comfort for your customers, fifthplay’s Smart Home Solutions help you:

  • Create new opportunities for your business
  • Adapt your existing products to your customers’ changing needs
  • Attract and retain customers through enhanced interaction
  • (Re)position your business with innovative products and services
  • Outplay your competitors
  • Generate new revenue streams and upselling opportunities
  • Explore new markets
Smart home solutions for partners - why


Smart home solutions for partners - advantages
Have your customers grown accustomed to fully personalised solutions, real-time access and total control? Have new technologies like big data, internet of things and virtual reality raised their expectations? Are you looking for ways not only to satisfy but also delight your customers? Then our smart home solutions are most probably made for you! Enabling you to deliver more comfort, increased safety, enhanced efficiency and greater peace of mind.


We provide the cutting-edge technology that makes smart homes a reality for your customers. You can count on a complete package including:

  • Connected hardware (such as sensors, video intercom, smart switches and sockets)
  • Centralised online platform
  • Easy-to-use service portal
  • Complete partner web shop
  • Inventory management and logistics services
  • Branded packaging
  • Comprehensive training with 2nd and 3rd line support
  • Personalised software development

Our end-to-end solutions are also fully expandable and adaptable. Which means they can evolve with your customers’ changing needs. They can also be fully personalised for branding purposes, so you can literally stamp your mark and position your brand as an innovation leader.

Smart home solutions for partners - what


Smart home solutions for partners - solutions

Our smart home solutions are grouped around three pillars:


  • Control lights with our smart switches and dimmers
  • Control shutters and blinds with our smart shutter control
  • Detect movement and trigger actions with our movement sensors
  • Switch off appliances and devices with our smart sockets


  • Let your users see who is at their front door with our wireless video doorbell.


  • Monitor and control energy consumption
  • Optimise consumption behaviour patterns
  • Maximise use of renewable energy sources (e.g. solar panels)

Want even more examples of our smart home solutions? This list is just the tip of the iceberg! Contact us for even more information and inspiration.