The fifthplay cube lets your business tap into the smart home market in a flash.

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What is the cube?

The fifthplay cube is the brain of the smart home. In case of smoke, dangerous CO levels, water leaks, and the like, the smart products from the cube package detect the problem and the app alerts the homeowner instantly. Because the cube is modular, it provides homeowners with virtually endless possibilities to expand the package and make their smart home even smarter.

Why the cube?

The smart home market is growing exponentially. What’s more, peace of mind is an increasingly powerful sales argument. Do you, too, want to reel in smart home owners with your services? The fifthplay cube can be instantly adapted to the style of your company. This branding includes:

  • A ready-to-use app
  • A complete webshop
  • A clear manual
  • All the hardware your company wants to offer
  • Packaging

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The 3 components

The fifthplay app

Using the fifthplay cube app, smart home owners can easily manage all products from the cube range. The app enables them to monitor the usage of separate devices and even to remotely turn appliances on and off. The app also alerts users in the event of smoke, water leaks or unusual energy consumption patterns.

Your choice of products

Users can expand their fifthplay cube with several products from the fifthplay shop, which are all compatible with the gateway.

The gateway

The gateway makes a secure connection to the Internet, thus connecting the smart devices to the app.

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Create your own cube, tailored to your customers

The fifthplay cube as a standard package includes a gateway, a smoke detector and the app. Evidently, you are free to put together your own cube package, tailored to your customers. Don’t hesitate to complement the fifthplay app and gateway with our smart plugs and sensors, each branded to match your company’s corporate identity.

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