We create custom-made smart home solutions
to strengthen your portfolio

The right smart home package for you, from prototyping to full outsourcing.

“We were looking for an organisation that could actually get us ahead of the game.”


The fifthplay Smart Home Platform swiftly collects and analyses large consumer
data. You can easily check the information on your pc or smartphone. This will give you an overview of the energy behaviour of your customers, thereby enabling optimisation.



Why offer smart home solutions?

Tap into new markets

Our technology helps energy and telecom players explore and exploit new territories.


Stand out from the competition

Offering additional smart services to your customers justifies (higher) energy prices.

Offer packaged services

Upgrade your traditional contracts with innovative products and services, creating upsell opportunities.

Connect with smart grids

We are evolving towards a Smart Grid, meaning that every energy user will become a producer too. The electricity grid is not adapted to this evolution, and an effective communication between consumer, producer and network operator is key to guaranteeing the safety and stability of the grid. It is in everybody’s interest to keep the grid up and running.

Bring added value to the table

Fifthplay technology takes your customer service to a whole new level. Showcasing innovation and interacting with your customers through various apps and tools is the perfect opportunity to (re)position yourself as an indispensable ‘energy coach’.

Our smart home offer

  • Product development
  • Platform exploitation
  • Product integration
  • Service portals
  • User interfaces
  • Software development
  • Logistics packaging

Why team up with fifthplay?

By combining production, software, hardware and services,
we create the best smart home solutions for your clients.

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Boxed solutions

Using our technology, you can make smart homes a reality for your customers. We’ve got what you need: from the hardware to set up local user networks, to an online user interface to efficiently manage energy consumption.
More details about the components


E.ON is one of the world's largest privately owned energy groups. The future strategy of E.ON focuses on renewable energy, energy networks and innovative customer solutions.

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With DELTA Comfort Wijzer, DELTA introduces the latest technology in energy management into the living room. The system incorporates the fifthplay Energy Smart products. The fifthplay Gateway plays a key role in data collection and controlling individual appliances.

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Flow is a fast forward company, just like fifthplay. Today, they manage more than 100,000 electricity and gas connections in the UK. The company is known for having the highest customer-rating.

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EnergyVille use case

The brand new research institute EnergyVille is a pioneer in sustainable energy consumption and smart energy systems. This unique research institute was created by an initiative of KU Leuven, VITO and imec.

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Smart Energy Lyon

Smart Electric Lyon, a prestigious 4-year experimental project, would like to offer consumers smart devices and services that automatically adjust the individual energy usage, leading to increased comfort and lower consumption.

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Maisons de l’Avenir

Breton family-owned company Maisons de l’Avenir has been building detached houses in Brittany and the Pays de la Loire for over 45 years. It has already built thousands of homes and has become one of the market leaders in this region.

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