Energy management

for businesses


Smarter energy consumption brings a whole host of benefits along with it. fifthplay’s Energy Management System offers real-time insight and control over your main energy flows, allowing you to pinpoint potential problems and develop a smart energy strategy by:

  • Cutting energy costs
  • Reducing implementation and operating costs
  • Improving environmental performance
  • Managing all your sites from a central location
  • Providing a clear ROI
  • Integrating within existing hardware


Energy management for businesses - advantages
Improving the efficiency of power consumption is a pressing concern for any business these days. As resources become scarcer and electricity costs keep on rising, any company looking to survive will need to find ways to utilise their energy intelligently and effectively.


We deliver a complete product package along with accompanying software for monitoring and optimising your energy behaviour patterns. On top of that, we offer several value-added services to ensure a smooth implementation:

  • Site Survey: A fifthplay engineer conducts an on-site inspection to identify the energy flows in need of monitoring.
  • Solution design: We develop a draft proposal for measurement and control devices for installation on site.
  • Implementation: fifthplay supports and guides the implementation and provides an overview of the energy flows that have to be monitored.
  • Energy advice: Provided by the fifthplay Energy Management System insights
Energy-management-for-businesses - what


Energy-management-for-businesses - solution

fifthplay’s Energy Management System integrates a wide range of hardware and software products within a complete, affordable and easy-to-implement solution. From smart electricity, gas and water metres that support different technologies to connected devices that control lighting, HVAC and other functions, all managed via a simple and intuitive central platform… Our intelligent Energy Management System offers:

  • Real-time insights into energy behaviour at all your sights
  • Full control over all your energy flows via a central location (including gas, electricity, water and HVAC systems)
  • A single, centralised platform to manage all your sites simultaneously
  • Cost-effective and easy-to-implement solutions with a clear and measurable return on investment
  • Flexible cost allocation and split billing
  • (Proactive) alerts in case of anomalies