Energy monitoring

Why use smart meters as a network administrator? Get a clear view of your buildings’ energy and water consumption thanks to fifthplay.

fifthplay gateways
Connected energy monitoring systems (fifthplay gateways) collect all data regarding energy flows. Typically, one or more gateways will be installed per building and connected to the corresponding meters.

Monitoring electricity

Our self-designed DIN Rail meter modules (up to 63A), inductive clamp meters, pulse & m-bus meters and/or smart meters, present every one or three phase installation with a cost-effective solution to measure and connect centralised or decentralised electricity.


Monitoring gas
There are several options for monitoring gas consumption. Just like with electricity, you can choose to read data from an existing meter, or to add a new one for this purpose.

Monitoring water
In order to follow up on your water consumption, you can either install an additional meter (in line with the existing DNB meter) or read data from your current DNB meter. The most reliable solution is to add a wired pulse extension to your current meter and connect this to your fifthplay gateway. The kind of pulse extension required depends on the type of DNB meter.

Why partner up with us?

Fifthplay is no ordinary data logger. Through an accessible plug & play principle, we help your clients control their energy management. Whether that’s on a local or international level.

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