Take control of your energy management

Fifthplay EMS combines user-friendliness with the industry’s most advanced tools and techniques. It is the go-to choice for analysing, optimising and reporting your energy measurements. It gives you insight into your main energy flows (gas, electricity & water), HVAC and temperature, and gives access to a range of flexible analytical tools to help you pinpoint problem areas and develop a smart strategy for energy efficiency. In addition, fifthplay EMS enables you to customise energy performance measures, monitor infrastructures and verify that your energy saving strategies achieve the target ROI.


  • Virtual clocks
  • Airco control
  • Switch light circuits
  • Heat pump control


  • Manage all of your sites simultaneously within one tool
  • Identify energy efficiency opportunities
  • Normalize your data to easily
  • Normalise your data to easily compare different sites
  • Create customised reports and dashboards

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