The fifthplay Home Area Manager

Unique modular gateway

The Home Area Manager (HAM) is connected to the internet-modem and the devices in the home. This gateway forms the heart of the Smart Homes, the central point where the devices come together in a home and communicate with each another. Unique to the HAM is that it is built in modular form and can communicate via WiFi, RF, ethernet or USB. Motion sensors and speech technology make the HAM simple for everyone. We can also develop interfaces specifically for you and add them at any time using one of the eight internal slots. Over 15,000 HAM’s have already been produced.

Smart Home users can configure and operate their devices via our web and smartphone application. Perhaps they do not fancy coming home to a dark, cold house; well, they can simply turn on the lighting and switch on the heating before setting off for home from work. Maybe they would like to measure how much their energy solar panels are producing at the point when the sun breaks through the clouds; the fifthplay application sees to it all.


What can be connected to the HAM?


How is the HAM connected?


What does the HAM connect to?

We connect the HAM to a robust cloud platform capable of processing the information from hundreds of thousands of gateways.

Our cloud platform, known as E-core, ensures:

  • secure communication with the gateway
  • software distribution of the right drivers and settings
  • configuration management of the gateways, own web applications and web services

These web services enable links to be made with existing information systems or new internet applications. Apps, for example.

The platform has a very powerful central database into which all information goes and can then be used for identifying patterns, detecting abnormalities and supplying optimisations.