The fifthplay DIN-rail plug

Gateway that can meter and switch from the central DIN-rail box

The fifthplay DIN-rail plug is a gateway too. Customers can use it from the central DIN-rail box to meter or switch electrical circuits and devices. This could involve, for example, the air-conditioning, electric hob, boiler, electric heating, exterior lighting, etc.

In this way, the gateway forms the heart of the Smart Home and links all facilities to your Smart Grid. Solar panels are also connected via the fifthplay DIN-rail plug to enable customers to measure the output of their solar panels.

We supply two versions of the fifthplay DIN-rail plug:

  • The 16 ampere version for switching lighting and air-conditioning
  • The 25 ampere version of the DIN-rail plug for measuring the output of solar panels.
  • The 63 ampere version of the DIN-rail plug.