fifthplay specialises in enriching smart homes and buildings

Fifthplay is a Belgian high-tech player and a subsidiary of Niko Group. We specialise in enriching smart homes and buildings, and in services that provide comfort and energy. Our internet platform and the associated intelligent solutions were designed to enter the market via energy suppliers (traditional and new energy), network operators, telecom, facility managers, facilities and OEM.



The internet is international. That’s why we always keep internationalisation in mind when developing solutions. The fragility of our ecosystem and the aging population affect all parts of the world. All our applications are therefore designed to provide support in different languages. Through our agents and partners, we are building an international community around topics such as residential and business solutions and the digitisation of the international energy and health market.

  1. A gateway that exists as a table model and as a DIN-rail model. Our gateway provides a modular approach to integrating old and new technologies, such as smart meters, optical meters, sockets, switches, …
  2. The online platform allows for configuration, security, data storage and application interfaces. It is completely adapted to the fact that your customers use your services via modern user interfaces, such as smartphones, pc’s and digital tv.


Fifthplay also offers a full range of application interfaces and web services to facilitate the integration with the customers’ platforms. Thanks to our special interfaces, our partners are able to tackle the configuration, service and support of the solutions by themselves.


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Fifthplay is a Belgian high-tech player and a subsidiary of Niko Group. We are the reference for enriching smart homes and buildings, and for services that provide care, comfort and energy.

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